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My Hair Care Routine

I always feel like having soft and shiny hair comes with a big price nowadays, and it can be hard to find products that work wonders for your hair whilst not breaking the bank at the same time. Well, look no further, cos I think I've found the ultimate hair care bits that can be bought from the drugstore at a super reasonable price, and have allowed me to maintain my perfect 'hair care routine'. These are the products that I seem to be going back to time and time again, just because they are super reliable and can be purchased more than once at a cheap and cheerful price. So, today I'll be going through all of the products that work wonders for my naturally dry and frizzy hair, and how you too can create your perfect hair routine by discovering what products work best for you. 

So, first lets talk shampoo and conditioner. I cannot tell you how many shampoo and conditioners I've had to get through to finally find the perfect match for my hair. As my hair is quite sho…

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