September Faves

Hey guys! Its finally October, my fave month! I can't believe how fast September has gone, last month was such a hectic one for me. Let me know in the comments what you got up to last month! Anyway, today I thought I'd show you guys what I've been loving in the month of September. Hope you enjoy :)
So I'm gonna start with the biggest thing you can see in the pics, which is the gorgeous backpack from Primark. I'm absolutely head over heels in love with this bag, cos its so perfect for this season and the perfect size. I particularly love the mustard tassel and rose keyring it has on the front, as it gives the bag that Autumal vibe. I initially bought this for a trip to Berlin I'm going on at the end of this month (blog post coming soon!) but I decided to use it for the weekends too, cos it's just too pretty to not use! And believe it or not, this bag was only £10, what a total bargain!
The next thing I had to talk about in my faves, is the Garnier shampoo &…

The Perfect Lipsticks for Autumn

Hey guys! Autumn is finally upon us, and I couldn't be happier. Today I thought I'd talk you through my top 2 fave lipsticks for this season, as I love nothing more than wearing a red lip and a cute autumn outfit around this time of year - (Autumn Lookbook?? 😏) Already talking about this is giving me the cosy feels.  My first autumnal lipstick of choice is a MAC lipstick in the shade 'Russian Red'. This, to me, is my perfect red lipstick. It's not too bright, yet not too dark either. This shade also perfectly compliments  a gold eye, as it makes the shimmer in the gold pop and look that bit more vibrant. Another thing that makes me reach for this lipstick during the colder months in that it's super versatile, and would be gorgeous for either day or night. As you can see, this lipstick has a matte finish, but has a really creamy and smooth application, which makes it very comfortable to wear throughout the day.

The second lipstick is this dreamy berry red lipst…

Gold Glam Tutorial

Hey guys! I've been super busy since the start of this month, but I'm super excited to finally be able to sit down and talk about this palette which I'm absolutely head over heels in love with right now. I decided to create this gorgeous smokey gold glam look as I'm loving gold on the eyes at the minute, as it really makes my bright blue eyes pop. So let's get into the tutorial!
So the palette that I'm using is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, which you may have seen me using on my Instagram last month. This palette is by no means new at all, but one day I was in the mood to use a different palette that I haven't used in a while, so I pulled out this one. And my god is it good. The shadows are so pigmented and blend beautifully. I think the thing I love most about this palette though is how you can create so many gorgeous looks with it.

So I start off my priming the eyes with a bit of concealer, the one that I love to use is the Nars Creamy Radiant Con…

Desk Tour 2017- How to Stay Organised for School

Hey guys! Today I thought I'd show you what's in my desk and how I organise it, as I know school is upon us soon *cries* so this might be helpful for those who are looking for some desk inspo, or if you're like me, you're just a bit nosey.  So let's get started!
My desk and chair is from IKEA, as well as the pastel pink checkered cushion on the chair, that I'm obsessed with as its so pretty and ties in the pastel pink theme. The multi coloured binders are from B&M for a £1 each, and I have 5 of these for each subject, and inside I store my past papers for each subject. I have found that this is a great way to store them, as I can easily find what I'm looking for.
Then on top of my desk I have a coaster which I think is from B&M too, just for if I have a drink. Next to that I have my pastel pink Polaroid camerapurely for decoration, as well as my copper wire J from Oliver Bonas.
To store my pens I have them in 2 glass Kilner jars as I love how they l…

My Go-To Travel Outfit

Whenever I'm travelling I always want to be super comfy, so that means finding an outfit that's easy to throw on at 3 am in the morning for your flight. That is why this year I've opted for a cross strap khaki top with a stretchy and light material, and black leggings that are warm and comfortable. I will also be wearing my Nike Huaraches, which I literally live in right now cos they are sooo comfy and I'm obsessed with the mint colour. Surprisingly, they also go with most of my outfits which just makes me love them even more. (Also questioning why my pink false nails look SO bloomin bright in this pic haha..)
 LINKS: Primark Khaki Cross Strap Top- £6 (SIMILAR)
Forever 21Black Leggings- £5
Nike Huarache Ultra in Mint Green- £100

Hope you guys enjoyed this short blog post, and let me know if I've inspired you for your travel outfit in the comments below.
Love, Jess xx
💜 In…

My In Flight Travel Essentials!

Hey guys, today I thought I'd show you what I will be bringing in my carry on when I go to Barcelona on Wednesday (*squeals*) for the week. I hope you guys find this helpful for any of you who are also going away soon!
 So this is the bag that I will be using, its a Cath Kidston floral large tote bag (similar) and I love it to bits. Its great for literally everything, especially as a carry on bag, as it can fit in loads. So lets take a look inside..
The first thing I can see in the bag (as it takes up a lot of the room) is my laptop case, which is amazing as it has loads of compartments and loads of room. So obviously I keep my laptop and laptop charger in there, as well as my Sony headphones  and iPhone headphones (I like to have an option) in the little inside compartment.

 Next in the bag I have my sleeping mask, which I got as part of a gift set for Christmas, and a little pouch full of all my essentials:

Sure deodorant, to freshen up during/after the flight.Boots Sleepeaze Lave…

The 7 products you need in your makeup bag

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These things are what make my face look great, and I don't know what I'd do without them now, so I thought I'd share with you guys, especially if you're a makeup beginner.
I used to skip the priming part of my makeup routine, but recently I've discovered how primer is important in keeping your foundation on for longer. My fave is the Benefit POREfessional Primerfor a smooth and silky base.
For a flawless base I swear by the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, this stuff is amazing on my face, giving it a matte flawless finish with a medium to high coverage. It's super comfortable to wear (which I'm always looking for in a foundation) and blends like a dream, covering any blemishes or redness I have seamlessly. A must for any beginners makeup bag. Mine is in the shade NW10.
I follow with the Collecti…