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How Yoga & Mediation Has Changed My Life

Hey guys! Recently, I’ve been feeling super stressed and unmotivated, which has had a negative effect on my mood. So I decided I wanted to change this negativity and try something new, so I gave yoga a go one evening, and it was so relaxing and peaceful. I instantly felt a lot less stressed, and all that negativity seemed to fade away in the moment. It makes you feel rejuvenated and refreshed, which is great for the mornings. I find that I’m a lot more focused in the day, and it is less likely for something to stress me out that normally does.
This is why I would highly recommend practicing yoga, it doesn’t have to be regularly, but just taking out 10 mins out of your day could have a massive impact on your mood and mindset for the rest of the day. Therefore I would recommend doing it in the morning, I like to do it first thing to wake me up (as I said it’s super refreshing as it clears your mind from any worries). By doing it first thing when you wake up, its out of the way so that …

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