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Desk Tour 2017- How to Stay Organised for School

Hey guys! Today I thought I'd show you what's in my desk and how I organise it, as I know school is upon us soon *cries* so this might be helpful for those who are looking for some desk inspo, or if you're like me, you're just a bit nosey.  So let's get started!
My desk and chair is from IKEA, as well as the pastel pink checkered cushion on the chair, that I'm obsessed with as its so pretty and ties in the pastel pink theme. The multi coloured binders are from B&M for a £1 each, and I have 5 of these for each subject, and inside I store my past papers for each subject. I have found that this is a great way to store them, as I can easily find what I'm looking for.
Then on top of my desk I have a coaster which I think is from B&M too, just for if I have a drink. Next to that I have my pastel pink Polaroid camerapurely for decoration, as well as my copper wire J from Oliver Bonas.
To store my pens I have them in 2 glass Kilner jars as I love how they l…

My Go-To Travel Outfit

Whenever I'm travelling I always want to be super comfy, so that means finding an outfit that's easy to throw on at 3 am in the morning for your flight. That is why this year I've opted for a cross strap khaki top with a stretchy and light material, and black leggings that are warm and comfortable. I will also be wearing my Nike Huaraches, which I literally live in right now cos they are sooo comfy and I'm obsessed with the mint colour. Surprisingly, they also go with most of my outfits which just makes me love them even more. (Also questioning why my pink false nails look SO bloomin bright in this pic haha..)
 LINKS: Primark Khaki Cross Strap Top- £6 (SIMILAR)
Forever 21Black Leggings- £5
Nike Huarache Ultra in Mint Green- £100

Hope you guys enjoyed this short blog post, and let me know if I've inspired you for your travel outfit in the comments below.
Love, Jess xx
💜 In…

My In Flight Travel Essentials!

Hey guys, today I thought I'd show you what I will be bringing in my carry on when I go to Barcelona on Wednesday (*squeals*) for the week. I hope you guys find this helpful for any of you who are also going away soon!
 So this is the bag that I will be using, its a Cath Kidston floral large tote bag (similar) and I love it to bits. Its great for literally everything, especially as a carry on bag, as it can fit in loads. So lets take a look inside..
The first thing I can see in the bag (as it takes up a lot of the room) is my laptop case, which is amazing as it has loads of compartments and loads of room. So obviously I keep my laptop and laptop charger in there, as well as my Sony headphones  and iPhone headphones (I like to have an option) in the little inside compartment.

 Next in the bag I have my sleeping mask, which I got as part of a gift set for Christmas, and a little pouch full of all my essentials:

Sure deodorant, to freshen up during/after the flight.Boots Sleepeaze Lave…

The 7 products you need in your makeup bag

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These things are what make my face look great, and I don't know what I'd do without them now, so I thought I'd share with you guys, especially if you're a makeup beginner.
I used to skip the priming part of my makeup routine, but recently I've discovered how primer is important in keeping your foundation on for longer. My fave is the Benefit POREfessional Primerfor a smooth and silky base.
For a flawless base I swear by the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, this stuff is amazing on my face, giving it a matte flawless finish with a medium to high coverage. It's super comfortable to wear (which I'm always looking for in a foundation) and blends like a dream, covering any blemishes or redness I have seamlessly. A must for any beginners makeup bag. Mine is in the shade NW10.
I follow with the Collecti…

How To Style a Denim Skirt- 3 Ways

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Denim skirts are by far one of my fave clothing items at the minute, they are super comfy and go with loads. They make a great outfit all year round, and I am especially loving them this summer styled with this khaki strappy top. Any top looks great tucked in the skirt though which is what makes it so versatile and great.

Khaki Top-
Blue Denim Skirt-
Hoop Earrings-

Babe You Got This Top-
Black Denim Skirt-

This is another one of my fave outfits, its comfy and great for all year round. I'm totally in love with this top at the minute, its so soft and I…

My Weekend Guide to Brighton

One of my absolute favourite places to go in the entire world is Brighton. Every time I visit I always feel super happy cos it brings back so many memories with my family, and I love how there's always something going on and something to do. It is like one of my happy places, which is why I love coming back every summer. As I am pretty familiar with Brighton now after visiting many times, I thought the perfect idea would be to show you guys the ultimate guide to Brighton when visiting (which is strongly advise!!) Hope you enjoy and lets get started!

First things first, hotels. I recommend staying on the seafront, that way you are near everything and from my hotel I was around 5 mins walking distance from the lanes which was perfect and completely hassle free.  Seafront hotels:  Jurys Inn Brighton Waterfront The Grand Brighton The Kings Hotel Hilton Brighton Metropole The Old Ship Hotel
I stayed at the Jurys Inn on Brighton waterfront, and it was a lovely stay. The location was perfect…

What's In My Travel Makeup Bag

When I'm on holiday, I always opt for a light and easy makeup look as wearing a lot of makeup in the sun can feel super heavy on my skin, and I would just end up looking like a sweaty mess. So, I'm going to show you guys what makeup products I'm bringing with me on holiday for a light and hassle-free look for the days where I still want some coverage but would rather be in the pool than sat in front of a mirror doing my makeup for hours on end.
Benefit Big Easy Multi-Balancing Complexion Perfector: This is perfect for holidays as its light on the skin being only a complexion perfector, and doesn't leave my skin feeling oily at all. Its super comfortable to wear and dries like a powder finish so there's no need to powder after. It also has SPF 35, which is obviously great for when you're on holiday. I will usually apply sunscreen underneath this too as I burn very easily in the sun!
Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer: I love this concealer for under the eyes to…

35 Simple Things That Make Me Happy

Today I want to know what things make you guys happy. What makes you feel that sort of happiness that nothing else can compare to? Well I had a think and I've come up with 35 very random things that make me smile like the Cheshire Cat. I'd love to know what make you guys happy too, be sure to let me know in the comments & spread the positivity on this dreary Monday :)

1. A refreshing drink on a hot day 2.  Listening to a sassy & empowering song 3. Fresh flowers  4. Baking something delicious 5. Laughing till you cry and your jaw hurts 6. Making hot chocolate on a cold day 7. Cosy nights in 8. Cuddling my dog  9. Re-reading my favourite book 10. Colourful stationary 11. A spontaneous day out 12. Yoga 13. Bumping into a old friend  14. Random acts of kindness 15. Terry's Chocolate Orange 16. The sound of rain on the window 17. Starting a new project 18. Watching Friends 19. Listening to the Dreamgirls soundtrack 20. A tidy bedroom 21. Looking at old photos 22. Delici…

Eating Out: LIV Organic & Natural Food Market

The other day I went to meet my mum for lunch and we paid a visit to a massive indoor food market on Bold Street called LIV. As my mum is a vegetarian she is always on the hunt for healthy restaurants, and when we spotted this place it looked perfect for a healthy lunch. Inside, it is like a massive healthy supermarket, with a large cafe area by the entrance. I loved the decor in the cafe, it was so up my street and very Instagram worthy. We stopped by on a Thursday afternoon, and it wasn't too busy which was good. The staff were friendly and were happy to explain what everything was.

Food Rating- 3/5
The food was self-serve, so you had to queue to get a regular or large plate and then you could just pile up whatever food takes your fancy. We got the cous cous, the potato salad, a Mediterranean salad, tofu and quinoa (a think it was quinoa anyway!)and broccoli, which had this gorgeous marinade on it.  All or most of the food was vegan which I enjoyed trying out. The only downside…

How to Relax & De-Stress

We all have them days, when you're feeling a bit stressed out and frustrated with life, for many different reasons. For me it was during exam season, I was driving myself crazy thinking about all the revision I had to do and felt like there was not enough time in a day to get everything done. Well, if you're feeling like this, or you're just in need of some 'me time', I've got you covered. So here's how I relax (generally of an evening) after a stressful day..
Step 1- Run a Bath For me, any pamper evening has to include a long soak in the bath for the ultimate stress relief. And of course I use a Lush bath bomb, my fave being the Butterball Bath Bomb-  containing cocoa butter to soften and smooth dry skin and ylang ylang to relieve stress, what more could you ask for?  Whilst I'm in bath, I take the opportunity to pamper my skin and use products that I never usually have time for, so I like to exfoliate. At the minute I am loving the REN Moroccan Rose S…

My Top 3 Contemporary Books

I've loved reading ever since I was a little girl. I love how you can get lost in a story and relate to the characters. Today I've decided to step away from beauty and makeup and instead pick out my top three fave contemporary novels to share with you guys, as I'm definitely a total bookworm at heart!
Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard- "Caddy and Rosie have always been inseperable. But that was before Suzanne. Now Caddy wants to be more than just the quiet one. She wants something to happen. Suzanne is trying to escape her past and be someone different. Someone free. But sometimes downward spirals have a momentum of their own. And no one can break your heart like a best friend."
This book was very gripping and moving, I think I read it in like a day! A beautiful tale of female friendship and its complexity. 
All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven- "Theodore Finch wants to take his own life. Violet Markey is devastated by her sisters death. They meet on t…